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Courier Charges Mumbai To Dortmund


    Courier Charges Mumbai To Dortmund

    Rs. 280 Per Kg Courier Parcel Charges From Mumbai To Dortmund Rate Applicable for 30Kg Box Door Delivery Duty Free Delivery

    Courier Charges Mumbai To DortmundWhen you ship with ExtraShip, you have chosen a team of specialist in international courier services. We offer an extreme range of express courier, cargo & parcel services with free pickup and packaging solutions to meet your needs, Send Documents, Parcel, Household Item, Excess Baggage, Medicine, Liquid, Chemical, Commercial Goods or anything just name it Extra Ship will be there for you 24×7 & 365 Days, Courier Charges From Mumbai To Dortmund

    Contact us to know how we can deliver express & economy courier delivery services with the best offers in the market based on industry or customer profile.

    Our team of exceptionally trained and qualified transport consultants will not only offer you the solutions for your challenging freight needs, they even also offer wide range of options among of which you can choose any that suits your schedule and budget.

    We offer free pickup & Packaging service we have trusted service provider list DHL, Other Company, TNT, UPS, DPD & Also have self agent network.

    How Extra Ship Courier works:
    International Couirer through us happens in 4 simple and easy steps,

    • Book online through pick up request (Fill in all the required fields).
    • Pack it and keep it ready, Extra Ship will come and pick up yourCourier.
    • In-transit – Track and monitor the courier in real-time.
    • On-time delivery guaranteed.

    Courier Charges From Mumbai To Dortmund

    Weight Economy Courier ChargesExpress Courier Charges
    Up to 0.5 KgRs. 1850.00Rs. 2250.00
    1 KgRs. 2000.00Rs. 2900.00
    2 KgRs. 2400.00Rs. 3300.00
    3 KgRs. 2900.00Rs. 3950.00
    4 KgRs. 3500.00Rs. 4500.00
    5 KgRs. 4000.00Rs. 5250.00
    6 KgRs. 4600.00Rs. 5700.00
    7 KgRs. 5200.00Rs. 6200.00
    8 KgRs. 5500.00Rs. 6800.00
    9 KgRs. 6050.00Rs. 7200.00
    10 KgRs. 6200.00Rs. 8600.00
    Above 10 Kg Per KgRs. 650.00 Per kgsRs. 900.00 Per kgs
    Above 20 Kg Per KgRs. 480.00 Per KgsRs. 650.00 Per Kgs
    Above 50 Kg Per KgRs. 450.00 Per kgsRs. 600.00 Per kgs
    Above 100 Kg Per KgRs. 385.00 Per kgsRs. 600.00 Per kgs
    Delivery PartnerSelf (GPEL Agent)DHL/FedEx/UPS (Any)
    Delivery Time7-10 Days 4-8 Days
    Free Pickup YesYes
    Free PackagingYesYes
    Online TrackingYesYes
    Free Packaging BoxYesYes
    Documentation HelpYesYes
    Support HelplineHelp 9958182927Help 9958182927


    Important Note:

    • Price do not include Duty Chargesat Destination (If any Imposed on the shipment then Receiver is liable to Pay).
    • Chargeable Weight is the Actual Weight or the Volumetric Weight whichever is higher.
    • Same Day Connection subject to complete paperwork.
    • Although we have free pickup service from all over Mumbai. Pickup & Re-delivery charges will apply if shipment is cancelledafter pickup is done.
    • Due to limited space at our Warehouse we request you to make the payment within 48 hrs of receiving payment invoice for your shipment. As after 48 hrs Storage Feesshall be charged

    Volumetric Weight Calculation:

    • If your parcel is large in size and light in weight, the delivery price may be calculated by the parcel’s volumetric weight rather than its actual weight.
    • Parcel weight is rounded up to the next kilo. To calculate the volumetric weight, use the below formula:
    • Length x Width x Height (cm) / 5000  =  Weight (Kg)

    How to pay?

    1. Online Bank to Bank Transfer
      NEFT – National Electronic Funds Transfer
      RTGS – Real-time gross settlement systems
      IMPS –  Immediate Payment Service
    2. UPI– Unified Payment Interface [No Transaction Charges]
    3. 4. PayTm Wallet – (For Domestic Mumbain Debit/Credit card Payments Into Our Company’s Bank Account using the “Send Money to Bank” option from “Passbook“).
    4. 5. TransferWise – (For Payments from outside Mumbai Into Our Company’s Bank Account. TransferWise direct payment email address

    Door To Door Delivery

    Streamlining the Shipping Process

    At ExtraShip Services we understand that not all shipments require theCourier Charges Mumbai To Dortmund same service. That’s why we offer Door To Door Delivery, Door To Airport the Dortmund, giving our customers the option to have their cargo picked up from their residence or commercial business facility. Our Door-to-Airport and Door-to-Door service is a value added solution that provides a simple and hassle-free courier & cargo experience.

    Our cost effective solution will save time and money while enjoying the reliable personal service you’ve come to expect from ExtraShip Courier To Dortmund from Mumbai.

    Experience a professional approach to Courier, Cargo, Parcel & Shipping Services To Dortmund Send Your Enquery Online.

    Cheapest Courier To Dortmund From Mumbai

    Features & Benefits:

    1. Door to door services
    2. Hassle Free Customs Clearance Process
    3. Detailed online Shipment tracking
    4. Free Packaging Services
    5. Free home pick-up
    6. Online payment option
    7. Fast Delivery to any International Location
    8. Simple documentation
    9. We Ship Almost Everything on a Global Scale
    10. We Offer Some of the Most Competitive Prices in the Industry

    To request a quote, simply complete and submit our online quote form. We will send a quote that will suit your budget and requirements. If the quote is acceptable, schedule a pickup at your own convenience. We offer payment options at the time of scheduling, and at the time of delivery. Whether you need a small parcel delivered, large cargo services if you are relocating to the Dortmund, or any other type of courier services from Mumbai to the Dortmund, we are your go to source.

    We Accept the following Items by International Courier to Dortmund From Mumbai

    1. Sweets, Snacks, Homemade Eatables
    2. Pickles, Sambar Powder, Rasam Powder
    3. Spicy Masala, Pulses, Spices
    4. Rice, Wheat Atta, Crockery Items
    5. Mumbain Spices, Masala, Jaggery
    6. Masala Pastes, Condiments
    7. All types of HomeMade Food products
    8. Medicines
    9. Handy Crafts, Photo Frames
    10. Furniture, Furnishing Clothes, Woolen Items
    11. Books, Text Books, Note Books, CD’s, DVD’s, Stationary Items
    12. Electronic Goods, Grinders, Mixers, Computer Accessories
    13. HomeAppliances, Utensils, Children Toys
    14. Sarees, Dress Materials, All Types of Garments
    15. Corporate Gifts
    16. All Types of House Hold Goods.
    17. Documents, Important documents
    18. University Application forms

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    Courier Charges Mumbai To Dortmund

    Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

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