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DHL Courier Charges From Delhi To Australia

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DHL Courier Charges From Delhi To Australia

Nothing feels better than getting your parcel delivered safely from Delhi to New York By DHL at a best, fast & rate charges, either you are sending a Documents, Parcel, Household Item, Excess Baggage, Medicine, Liquid, Chemical, Commercial Goods or anything just name it Extra Ship will be there for you 24×7 & 365 Days.

WeightDHL ChargesSelf Economy Charges
1 Kgs21901480
2 Kgs28401920
3 Kgs34902360
4 Kgs41402800
5 Kgs47903240
6 Kgs54403680
7 Kgs60904120
8 Kgs67404560
9 Kgs73905000
10 Kgs80405440
11 Kgs86905880
12 Kgs93406320
13 Kgs99906760
14 Kgs106407200
15 Kgs112907640
16 Kgs119408080
17 Kgs125908520
18 Kgs132408960
19 Kgs138909400
20 Kgs145409840
Rate Per Kg Flat
Above 21 Kg Per Kg680 Per Kg490 Per Kg
Above 50 Kg Per Kg610 Per kg460 Per kg
Above 71 Kg Per Kg590 Per Kg390 Per Kg
Estimated Time.Time 3-5 DaysTime 7-12 Days

We understand you want a quick delivery of your parcel to New York that is why we offer the best swift delivery service From Delhi By DHL.

We also understand how difficult it may be to send an international courier & parcels to New York that is why we offer free pickup & Packaging service from Delhi and have trusted service provider DHL & Also have self agent network in New York

  • Chargeable weight will be rounded-off to the next higher 500 gms. When Shipment lightweight volumetric (L*W*H (in cms) / 5000) or actual weight whichever is higher will be charged.
  • No Deduction allowed on late delivery due to Flight delay/off-Loads/Customs Delay. Any such deduction on Courier charges will be allowed only when our Principal agree to the reasons.
  • All service will be collected from your office / house and will be delivered door steps of consignee.
  • Freight charges of Rs. 2000 + GST will be charged extra on all Commercial Shipments.
  • Non standard shipment charge extra Rs. 2850+GST (Single pcs weight more than 68Kg and Size more than 120 CMS)
  • Remote area surcharge as applicable if any city fall in remote location (Call before booking to our customer support team)
  • Warehouse is free up to 3 days after pickup, After that charges applicable [ Each shipment & Each Box Rs. 200.00+GST Per Days]
  • Any other levies, taxes, duties and other charges enforced by destination country would be charged extra if and as applicable. [Payable by receiver]
  • All consignment must be wrapped, packed, and addressed for safe handling
  • All consignment must be wrapped, packed, and addressed for safe handling
  • Will not be responsible for any delays in shipment due to custom clearance, National Holidays, religious holidays, inclement weather conditions, etc.
  • “Any dispute arising between the parties or Any dispute or differences arising from this consignment as to the performance or non-performance of the foregoing terms and conditions shall be subject to the exclusive and irrevocable jurisdiction of courts at Delhi”
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